Tips for organizing wedding guests

Get ready for your wedding? You do not know where to start? We give you some tips for organizing wedding guests: how to place a chair, create a guest list and even do a reception. I’m sure with these ideas you will not miss anything.

Organize the guests

Before we start organizing something, we need to know how many guests we will have. This will determine the place we choose, the food, the wedding expenses in general. Therefore, organizing the guests at a wedding is the first thing.

To choose a room, it is necessary to calculate between 25 and 30 square meters per person. Many at first, but this way we will have room for tables, chairs, waiters, dance floors.

Guests are the most expensive, so if we have a small budget, we must also have more guests, but they are well taken care of. It is fundamentally solved when creating a guest list, what we need to do first: for all the best friends and family members, then distant relatives and colleagues, and finally acquaintances and other people. If we have to cut, we will always eliminate it from below.

If we have a lot of guests, we can ask singles to go without other friends. We can also choose that most guests go to the reception only, and only those who are closer to the wedding.

It is normal that many problems arise between couples when it comes to choosing guests to a wedding. It is therefore important to follow certain rules, because none of you wants to get rid of someone. . In addition, we must ask ourselves if it is really important that some people come, such as the first cousin of the father of the groom or the old girlfriend.

Finally, we need policies for children: this can be a child-friendly wedding, we can choose for adult weddings, or even get artists and sites specific to them.

We must prepare for rejection: in general, 30% of those invited do not leave, although this also depends on when and where they will be married. If the wedding is far away, more people may be lost and so near the symbolic date (the day before Mother’s Day or before Christmas).

When it comes to organizing tables, we can not put someone with someone he does not know or love, or someone at the table is full of couples. It is also easy to ask for a confirmation of the marriage, to define the table in the best possible way.

In the case of very big holidays, it will be easier to have several guides to help people find their place, and make sure to give the instructions to the guests so that they can easily reach the wedding venue.

With suggestions for organizing wedding guests, you already know that at least most of them already have it. Remember: the guests are the beginning of everything, so assuming them is a fundamental step.


— August 26, 2018