9 Basic Makeup Tips to be Beautiful in 5 Minutes

Our time, even in summer, is usually rare and even more important. But do not worry, there are nine basic tips that you can apply in 5 minutes to look good.

1. Take care of your skin

The most important thing for makeup is the skin, so my main advice is to examine it: exfoliation, moisturizing and protection, so you do not need to use a thick carpet and concealer to cover imperfections .

2. Corrector

Before traveling on the road, you do not need to forget to apply it, it will help you improve your appearance. You will mask signs of fatigue, fatigue, dark circles and small skin imperfections. You must use a brighter color than the base. After applying it, you must combine it with your fingertips.

3. Makeup Foundation

It is very important to give your skin the same color, to hide imperfections and especially to brighten your face. I suggest you use a base similar to your skin color, because in this way, you will look super natural. At this time, when we sweat and heat, I recommend a cream BBcream or CC, which moisturizes the color, is very effective when closing.

4. translucent powder

Nobody likes to have a very bright face, so applying a powder will make sure you avoid it. Do you know why dust is also the subject of this 5-minute routine? Because it helps correct the correctness and makeup correctly.

5. Eye shadow in warm colors

Brown, bronze and even nude are excellent choices for a natural look. To make a balanced color, use it with a brush. Remember that the tone of light will light your eyes. Do not forget a good blur!

6. Mascara

In the sexy and remarkable eyes, the mask can not be absent. Use two layers, both on the lower and upper lashes, as this will give more expression to your eyes. The most recommended colors are black, brown and even chocolate. Remember, the trick is to create a super natural look.

7. Increase your lips

If you want to highlight your lips, the colors used are fuchsia and coral in all ranges. This season, the sign of a matte trend is complete, so if you choose for these tones do not use gloss.

8. For the complexion

If you want to look brown, use matte or satin toner. It is better to use them than to expose oneself to the sun, because our skin can become dark, dry or even in the worst case, have an allergic reaction.

9. How to illuminate our features

Use the illuminator to illuminate. You can apply it to any part of the face, always taking into account the shape of your face. In general, it benefits everyone if it is applied at the level of the cheekbones and in the arch of the eyebrows.


— August 26, 2018