14 Review Of Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

Some of us may have heard of diet cherry dr pepper. For those who have already heard and also do it then certainly know about it. But for those who already know, but still hesitate to apply to the method of diet then you are in the right place.

Diet Cherry Dr Pepper
Diet Cherry Dr Pepper

Here we share 14 reviews from people who have applied cherry dr pepper diet.

  1. Kimberly M : I am a long time drinker of Dr Pepper Diet Cherry Soda. I started drinking it when it came out. The first time I drank it it was love at first site. If I could get a lifetime supply of it delivered to me I would be in heaven for sure. It tastes good and I would tell anyone about it and suggest it for them to try out for themselves.
  2. Marsha R : My favorite soda love the cherry flavor. I prefer this over the cherry Coke Zero. I like that they have a diet option not all sodas offer that in the different flavor department
  3. Nicole B : Now I bet you can’t find one bad thing to say about this soda it’s everything anyone could ever want from a dark delicious beautifully flavored fizzy soda the Cherry taste is ridiculously intoxicating the carbonation will make you burp the loudest you ever have.
  4. Mikayla O : LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POP. I don’t drink much pop anymore but this is my go to! I love it. Taste perfect. I will continue to buy and continue to recommend! I usually get it from walmart or sometimes our local grocery store.
  5. Betsy C : So hard to find here in North Carolina but this is the best soft drink out there. Sometimes you can find in a freestyle machine at restaurants.
  6. Tuesday’s S : I usually don’t really like diet soda until I tried the diet Dr pepper and then I tried the diet cherry Dr. Pepper and it is delicious.
  7. Kelli D : This is so good! I love regular Dr Pepper, but I feel like regular diet Dr Pepper is too bland, the cherry adds just the perfect taste!
  8. Kristyn W : This is the best soda out there! Awesome cherry flavor and still the Dr Pepper you know and love. always buying these. five stars!
  9. Nicole V : Siempre lo compro cuando voy a hacer un viaje largo , es refrescante y súper bueno para todo el mundo.
  10. Kelsey P : I’ve always been on the Dr.Pepper side and adding cherry too that makes it even better which is great.
  11. Francesca F : Hands down my favorite soda. And pretty much everywhere has it on their menu which is nice.
  12. Brooke C : I could drink these dang these allllll daaaay looong. But really though these are awesome.
  13. Alyssa W : This flavor is very good. It helps curb my craving for soda without the extra calories.
  14. Heather G : This is the best soda ever! I probably drink way too much of it but it is soooo good.

that was the 14 reviews of people who have felt how about diet cherry dr pepper. Hope can help you in choosing your diet method.
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— May 17, 2018