11 Wooden Furniture That You Can Feel at Home

When you look at the size of the new construction of houses, you understand that everything has been reduced by the costs, the space is now smaller and you need functional furniture and you can use it in different ways and for all styles.

Wood is the ideal material for your furniture, you know it is a natural and warm material that gives your home the elegance in which you use it. In this book of ideas, we will show you 15 pictures of wooden furniture that you can make at home with the help of a carpenter. You can save on the cost of a piece of furniture when buying in a special store.

1. In the bathroom

In the bathroom, several shelves will always be accepted, by placing them from the floor to the ceiling or on the furniture that you already own, by being part of it. Design complete furniture and you will see how useful it is. Here you have a sample.

2. Modular Furniture

Modular furniture is used to separate the environment from the house, depending on where you put it, each side of the furniture will have a function. It can be on one side of the library and on the other hand there are decorations or photos; if you use it in the kitchen, it will be used to put herbs and utensils, even some of the smell of grass if it is near the window. This furniture is very versatile, you can change its function according to your needs.

3. Shelf type

If you need to organize your living room, furniture like this one is right for you. Custom made, where you can place objects that are now irregular because the market you will not find, tailored to your needs, is a good result. Something like this picture is what you need to do.

4. wood on the wall

A good idea, although certainly not mobile, is what we will show in this picture. Wood that covers the walls like the back of your bed. You will find the transformation of this space in your house, before saying nothing before your eyes, here is the elegant detail of your furniture. Style and warmth in your room

5. Wood separator

Space separator, wood grid that allows a certain visibility between two spaces but allows the passage of light and ventilation, without reducing the size of the room.

6. Wall furniture

With wood, one of the advantages is that you can create a complete structure in the appropriate space, thus giving the design you need, either in the form of L, along the wall or between two walls. It will be a functional and decorative structure at the same time. Colorful choices, both natural and painted, these pieces of furniture combine with the style and decor of your home.

7. in the kitchen

The preferred ingredient for kitchen cabinets is wood, whether natural or colored. Just protect it from moisture and do the maintenance suggested by the factory.

8. Cover the painting

For dining tables, kitchen tables, tables or outdoor tables, a good wooden table is ideal, as you can see in this picture. A natural wooden board will show the blood vessels that are part of the charm of this piece.

9. Walk in the closet or in the dressing room

For locker rooms or cabinets, wood is ideal for construction, this material is one of the most used in this type of furniture. This material feature allows you to perform the necessary design, provide colors and finish what you want, with an elegant and functional option.

10. Under the stairs

A new shelf, under the stairs, is ideal to occupy an empty space. A good wooden board, in this case we see that it is used in the same color as the floor, that is to say, the detail lost in this room by placing the television inside.

11. In the children’s room

The cheerful colors of the back of this room will allow children to choose where to place each toy and order their room.

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— August 26, 2018