10 Makeup Tips to Make Them Natural During the Day

Practical guide with tips, ideal for inclusion in the routine and natural look during the day with a little bit of makeup. From products to secrets and for all ages …

1. Hydrate

The skin is 50% of the makeup. If it is not wet, all the steps and techniques below will be in vain. Even before thinking about makeup application, the ideal time to moisturize is when the skin is moist, after cleaning with tonic or micellar water based on the needs of each face.

2. The right corrector

At various stages of life, it is the key to advising which products and techniques help improve our appearance. Over the years, more imperfections have been observed and heavy correctors can draw attention to the expression line. Therefore, it is better to choose a liquid version. For minor redness or imperfections, you can use the pen formula, which is very practical when you apply it.

3. Perfect base

To make it look very natural and fresh during the day, you may prefer a very light base and apply it in the area you want to change or that have some redness or imperfections. These problems usually appear in the cheeks, pears or fins area. Secret For a very natural end result, apply the base with your fingers in the form of a stroke.

4. To repair it

Up to now, the most practical use translucent powder without color and apply it only in areas that tend to shine, otherwise the skin will have a very heavy, striking and unnatural coverage.

5. Always clean

The eyebrows must be dry. To give it its shape, it is advisable to use a professional to determine the model to be followed, then we can go ourselves as a general guide, remove hair overcoming. When it comes to make-up, choose a special eyebrow pencil tone as close as possible to the color of your eyebrows and never use eyeliner, it will give the appearance of ornate and unnatural.

6. Use an eyelash curler

Although sometimes a little scary, bowls players can achieve miracles. Especially for women over 35, remembering that for years the eyelashes have been flattened. The tip is suitable for all audiences: a bowler can also be used without mascara.

7. Use the eyeliner with brown color

Dark chocolate has the same visual impact as the black ones on the outlined, but it seems more natural. It provides intensity but in a more sophisticated and refined way. The best way is to apply it to the eyelash line from beginning to end with a thin line.

8. Choose a satin texture that brings light to your face

Thanks to the numerous illuminators on the market today, we can give a modern touch to the skin by applying a clean weave. A soft shadow can be used on the eyelids and on the cell phone with the brightness above the cheekbones to illuminate the area. If there are many wrinkles, avoid this last step.

9. Eyelashes according to age

Eyelashes are thinner with age, so you need a mascara that gives them volume. But you have to be careful, because in some cases too heavy can cause eyelashes do not support weight and visual results narrowed eyes into reality. In this case, it is better to use a mask that provides elongation and definition. To do this, select a mask with a thin brush and separate the hair.

10. Lips

It is a fact that over time our lips lose the definition on the edges, especially the upper lip. In make-up for the day, it is better to use a similar tone as much as possible with the natural color of the lips, in the range of cherries and to avoid very light Nudes if we have thin lips.For a fresher look, use a moisturizer for lipstick that can be shiny or satin.

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— August 26, 2018